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The hormones I’m taking to hopefully get rid of my cancer have a lot of side effects. Mostly I’m exhausted. All. The. Time. This isn’t new to me after fighting iron deficiency last year so I can cope. It makes my depression worse. I’ve had worst days so, again, I can cope. It makes me […]

7 weeks

7 weeks

Tuesday I go in for my second hysteroscopy this year and I will have been on Provera to treat my womb cancer for 7 weeks. The last 7 weeks have gone by pretty quickly but dealing with the moodiness and feeling crap has gotten old! The depression isn’t as bad as I worried it would […]



(Warning: there’s a lot of sarcasm in this post!) I’ve been working so hard at trying to stay positive that maybe I’ve lost track of processing everything.  Or it’s the side effects of my meds. Either way… today I was fine, until I wasn’t.  Whether it’s the progesterone wreaking havoc, I am starting to notice […]

The C Word

Cancer. I have cancer. There, it’s out there. Before I get into it, I AM OKAY. It is NOT life threatening or fast spreading. It’s just a tiny bit of cancer. No biggie.

Best or Darkest Days

best or darkest days

And these could be the best or darkest days The lines we walk are paper thin This line from So Close by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (his latest single, which is awesome by the way) is pretty accurate these days. I don’t write about politics so I’m not going to go on about it […]

An active year!


I’ve learned to never worry too much if plans (or I) fall apart. Monday night, in the last hours of freedom before returning to work Tuesday, I literally fell. Slipped on the stairs at home and down I went! Thankfully I’m fine, I managed to get up with a couple of swollen bits and some […]

A New Year!


That’s going to be my 2017 in a nutshell. I’m taking it a little bit at a time to manage my goals. I’ve mapped out January and February in terms of exercise: Insanity Max:30 (thanks to Hubby for the Christmas gift!) should take care of most of my exercise (and help me get into my […]

2016 in two words: FUCK YOU


This has been an absolute shit storm of a year. Thankfully the end is in sight! I’m not sure how much better 2017 is looking if I’m totally honest. But there’s at least a  50/50 chance it’s better than this year has been. It could, of course, get worse. (President Trump? Brexit? Sigh.) Either way […]

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