• T-5 days

    So close! On Friday (27 March 2015) we will be (FINALLY) completing and getting the keys to our new house! What does that mean?

    • 5 days until we move
    • 4 days until we have our first peek at what all of our options look like inside
    • 3 days until I pack up our kitchen and the last bits around the house
    • 2 days left of working within 10 miles of home

    I don’t have a 1 :( I should have thought this through better…

    We spent the day yesterday going to pretty much every shop known to man. We looked at every sofa, bed, and Samsung fridge/freezer there was. Thankfully it wasn’t all for nothing.

    We found the fridge freezer we want in John Lewis! Finally able to see it in person was nice. We’ll definitely be getting it now that we have seen it. Note to self: don’t take the ice bucket out in the shop… it took 3 people 5 minutes to figure out how it went back in (it is easy though lol)! ;) The one we want isn’t on their website, but it’s this one.

    We managed to find a bed Hubby didn’t hate (a huge improvement over non-committal shrugs or grunts). Although to get the size he wants it means the wardrobe will be the 4th bedroom?! But hey, at least there will be room for all my clothes and shoes… We’ll see when we’re in.

    Sofas… who knew choosing a sofa was so much work. Hubby can’t be bothered bless him, and I want a corner one that will offer a bit more seating room. Then we found this one. It ticks the leather box for Hubby and the corner box for me (although I wanted more of a chaise lounge corner than a proper corner, but oh this is SO COMFY!) and it comes in grey which I want. Our only issue? It’s a bit bigger than I was hoping to get. But once we are in the house and can measure properly, if it fits in I’m pushing for it because did I mention it’s COMFY?

    In Ikea I got to look at the bookcases I was eyeing up online. At first I was looking at these, to get a bit of colour in the room. But I saw n example where someone used these ones and I loved the configuration. It’s just want I want to do, but without the pop of colour. I can bring in colour in many ways!

    My first projects after we are in is to refinish 2 wood items for the kitchen. I can’t wait!

  • March Motivation

    I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a long 12 months. I’ve realised it’s been a year since we found a new house to buy and put our old one on the market. We never anticipated it would take this long! Builders do lie to make the sales, that’s a given. But it’s okay, we are almost home.

    In the meantime it has been a long, cold few months. We’ve both gone from feeling absolutely stuck and ‘on hold’ to excited about things to come a couple of times.

    I sound like I’m complaining. I don’t mean to. It’s more feeling fed up of being stuck in a house that is just a holding place. It’s gorgeous and roomy and I love the view and the area but nothing works and it’s drafty and freezing ALL THE TIME. Okay, maybe I am complaining a little.

    But it’s only a matter of weeks now. And all my dreaming and planning in my head will finally become a reality.

    Back to feeling stuck. Personally I’ve gone through a few phases this last year, especially in the last 8 months. The first couple of months in the rental were good, great even. I was feeling great and motivated to get a new start, even if it was only a stop gap until the main event. Then things kept getting pushed back and I lost all that motivation and energy.

    I was in a proper slump.

    The good news is this: I did NOT let it go too far down the spiral. I didn’t get too depressed. But I did (and do) feel unmotivated. Lethargic. Just plain crappy. I cried a lot. And it’s been a few months of that.

    I’m turning it around now; things are looking up. I want to go into this new house in a better place than I’ve been in recently. So I’m focusing on MOTIVATION. Motivation to workout, eat better, plan, organise, take better care of myself.

    So I’m back to listening to my body and working out in the mornings. Thanks to The Fitnessista‘s book, HIIT IT, I’ve created my own HIIT workouts! I’m establishing a new consistent routine of cardio and weekly yoga for now. I’ll will add strength training to it later when I’m feeling stronger. I’m back to mostly gluten free eating and my body is definitely thanking me for it. No more bloat and a constant bad stomach.

    I’m getting organised and using technology to my advantage more and more. I recently changed phones (from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Nokia Lumia 930) and I must say, for a girl who never liked Microsoft much, I do love the Windows Phone! And OneNote.

    I won’t give up my numerous planners though. I just can’t do that.

    I still have all these big plans and now is the time to plan and cultivate those ideas so I have a proper plan to follow when it’s go time.

    More on these big plans later.  I’m starting to see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel and I’ll be pleased when I can say we’ve made it through to the sunlight.

  • Home stretch

    With so much waiting on our house to be done and my current mood I don’t have many good (happy) ideas to write about right now. With the (hopeful) move date fast approaching we are attempting to plan for the move. So this weekend will be back to packing… all the stuff we don’t need/haven’t used for a while will start getting boxed up yet again, to add to our already packed up belongings. I’m dreading the packing, unpacking, and actual moving.

    Yes we could pay someone to pack it all up for us, but I’d never be comfortable with that. I like being organised and knowing where everything is.

    So amidst all the waiting we have been looking at things we need when we get in. This weekend (in between a bit of packing) we’ll go out and see if we can window shop and see some stuff in person. Of course I have an ultimate wishlist as does Hubby (most of his are techy!).  Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been looking at and some of my dream home items…


    Fridge Freezer – I want a big American style one and Hubby has decided it should be a Samsung. We’ve been looking at them all and I think we’ve decided on this one. I am kind of intrigued by the 4 door model, but I’m not sure I like the drawers.

    Island/Booth – I would love love love to have something like this (without the sink in the island), but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing it anytime soon. I’d totally settle for this island though. Or maybe a smaller version?

    Coffee/Tea Station and Cocktail Bar – I have big plans for our free standing cabinet, I’m going to refinish it and take the doors off and it’s becoming the caffeine and alcohol hub. For serious!


    Sofa – Hubby seems to want a leather one this time. I don’t really blame him, fabric gets dirty so quickly! (I must clean our existing ones when we move.) I quite like this one, even though we don’t need a sofa bed… we’ll see!

    Chair – I want a nice comfy chair to go next to my books for a little reading nook. I’m in LOVE with this chair from made.com.

    Of course we’ll need a new TV stand for all the consoles etc (not for the actual TV mind) and some massive shelving/bookcases for the inset wall next to my nook!


    Bed – We need a new bed since we’ll have more bedrooms. I can’t decide between this one, this stunning one, or the possibility of getting a Premier Inn bed. Those things are damn comfy (and tall)!

    Wardrobe – We didn’t go for a built in wardrobe in the master bedroom. Good thing too, because I’d have hated where they wanted to put it. So we’ll have a bespoke one done at some point… lots of ideas floating around but until we’re in and I get a feel for how much space is left to work with I’m just not sure what will happen.

    Not to mention night stands and mirrors…


    Chair – So one of the wheels on my desk chair has broken off. Fun times. I need a new one. I’m not really fussy… oh hello! Nah, I don’t think I’d spend that much on a chair really… would I?

    Desk – Definitely not a priority, but one day I will have a new desk.


    Our garden will need a bit of a makeover (okay total makeover). But eventually there will be garden furniture and BBQs (maybe a fire pit?!) and a shed and all sorts back there to play with.

    Techy Stuff

    We want to do a lot of cool techy bits, like Sonos, smart film on the windows (when it’s available), and hubby is working on a ‘smart home’ system for us to control appliances and stuff. Woo!

    If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, I have a board with all our options there. Flooring, tiles, kitchen, bathrooms… I can’t wait to see it all together rather than the pieces I’ve pinned.

    We’ve had to push and push for any information and we met with the head office manager in charge of our site today. We got to go inside our house today! I took loads of photos, but all will be revealed later. Everything is on track and hopefully we’ll be getting in soon…

  • “Those Days”

    It’s such a generic phase, “one of those days”.  It could mean *anything*. When you use it in conversation, it’s usually interpreted by others around you by your mood and/or recent events. Everyone seems to be having “one of those days” lately.

    Either way my days this week so far have been filled with a certain animosity towards others. “Moody bitch” comes to mind to be honest. Mostly I’m tired. Mainly other people are just grating my nerves. So I’ve been quiet and contemplating building a blanket fort.

    Some of it is something else entirely. Maybe a bit of depression creeping in, due to stress and frustrations on the house front. This week is pivotal on a whole lot of levels and literally all I am capable of doing is going through the motions. Some days are like that for me – my best is getting out of bed, making an appearance at work, and going to curl up. Nothing else. Cooking? Cleaning? No thanks.

    This week I just want my bed and to curl up and hide from everyone. And continue reading The Maze Runner series, because I have to force myself to put my Kindle away to get sleep!


    No one speak to me, I’m brooding.

  • Perfect Day(s)

    I keep meaning to write about stuff I get up to… then I remember, I don’t do much! During the week it’s pretty much work-eat-sleep, repeat and the weekends we rest and chill out. Soon we’ll be packing again so rest and chill out time is key.

    On rare occasions we do have fun plans on the weekends (or during the week) and get out and about. This past weekend was one such weekend.

    And it was perfect.

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned my absolute love of all things Andrew McMahon related at some point over the years. We went to London to see him play in Islington 2 years ago and just did it again. Hopping a train to Londinium is easy peasy (and will be even easier after we move!) so after a few errands and a coffee run we were on the train. Two weekender upgrades to first class later and we were in the new first class coaches which were LUSH. You can use the plugs if you have a not-so-flexible charger and there were USB ports too.

    Arriving in London and a tube journey later (albeit a bit longer than normal due to all the disruptions) and we were in Islington. We checked in to the hotel (thank goodness for Premier Inn’s machines – no need to speak to actual people! A godsend for introverts everywhere.) and rested up for a bit. I even had a short nap!

    Now the thing I LOVE about Islington? All the Mexican restaurants!! There are 3 within a 5 minute walk of the hotels we’ve stayed in there. We’ve tried two of them so far, both of them are amazing. I love Islington. As far as boroughs of London go it’s a nice one and there are loads of places to go out if you feel like it (but we are boring homebodies, so never do). But the Mexican… yummers.

    Chilango Nachos!

    Chilango Nachos! (Beware the hot sauce…)

    Anywho, back on track. We queued for an hour to get in to the Assembly Hall for the gig. I didn’t mind, especially because I was most concerned with getting a good seat in the front of the upstairs seated section. I’m short I need to be up front damnit! When we finally got in I got my wish as there were only a few other people already up there. We chose our seats and then didn’t move until it was over.

    Now on to the music…

    The opening act, Sykes, were pretty good. They are having a release party for their first single soon, so just starting out, their vibe was good and her voice was beautiful. She reminded me of another artist – not in a bad way, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly who. I’d recommend checking them out if you’re on the hunt for new music.



    I have to be honest, I was hoping Andrew McMahon would bring a band this time. I’ve yet to see him with a full complement of musicians with him and I think it’d be awesome. That said, he does not disappoint with just him and a piano! You get to hear stories about the songs and it’s just a bit more real and raw. Maybe I am a bit biased though, I love him no matter what he’s doing. And I totes cried during Swim (again ffs). I definitely need to sort out my tattoo soon.

    Andrew McMahon

    Andrew McMahon

    I had a brilliant time at the gig, but do always worry that poor Hubby isn’t enjoying himself. I tend to drag him to these things with me and he says it’s okay but I’m never sure. What I am sure of is that I’m a lucky lady to have him put up with going to these things – even if it’s not his thing. I enjoy having him there with me.

    Anywho, I did take a few videos and you can watch them here if you are feeling like you want to watch and listen to me sing, laugh, and/or cry in the background… yes I do all three!

    Since we’re not the going-out-getting-drunk types, we went straight back to the hotel. We got up the next morning and I was hoping to go to The Breakfast Club for some brunch… and the queue was out the door about 50 feet! We had a train to catch so we didn’t stick around, but it’s definitely on the list for next time.

    Another Mexican meal later, more coffee and cake bought and we were on the train home.

    Burrito Bowl from Bar Burrito

    Burrito Bowl from Bar Burrito

    One thing I’ve noticed since having my new phone – the signal on the train is SO MUCH BETTER. I had 4G almost the whole trip there and back (I couldn’t get on the train wifi for some reason). I wrote a bit (more goals and planning) and chilled until we got back and went home via a food shop.

    We spent the rest of the day lazing about watching telly, somewhat exhausted from our adventure. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. The only thing that maybe could have made it better was a side trip to the beach squeezed in at some point. But that’s okay, we are off to a friends at the coast later this month so I will get my fix then!