Welcoming 2022 with hope and determination

For the first time in a long while, I didn’t feel like I was just surviving the year in 2021, which can seem contrary to the current events in the world right? The circumstances have allowed me to focus and thrive in ways I’ve struggled with for so long. So I am looking for more of that focus and thriving in 2022. In making time to do the things that will help me flourish and bring me peace but the ‘big’ five are here:

Yearly Goals
Get to Belfast & climb Slieve Donard
Less TV & more reading (40 books)
Work on losing next 30lbs
Continue to build up savings
Write consistently

Pandemic allowing, I’ll get the first one done at the end of this month. The others are on longer time frames of course, so will progress through the year as usual.

Mostly this year my hope is that we all find what we need during this continuing pandemic and get through it safely and that we do get through it eventually.