2021 in a nutshell: Reaching goals then (sugar) crashing

Time flies when you’re having fun, or when you get older, or just in general really. It’s time for another year in review already and I’m incredulous, just like I am every year.

So, last year I did a review of 2020 and stated I was only going to make goals for 2021 that I felt great about (and I mostly stuck to that?) and then in February I wrote about what I habits I’d been building to kick off the year and how I was doing.

I never shared my goals in detail publicly, mainly because I wasn’t really in the right place to be all “Look at all these amazing things I’m going to do!” only to not really do them. But we all know I love a good planner and the one I had this year has some extensive goal setting pages, which I put to good use early on (of course!).

2021 Goals

There’s a lot going on for my 1 year goals isn’t there? But how many did I actually work on and make progress with? The highlighted ones were accomplished.

What went well

I haven’t run properly since the start of the year. BUT! I have been consistent with walking and hiking meaning I’ve ticked a few things off there – getting outside more, climbing more hills and hiking more often, being present in the moment with Hubby and spending more quality time together.

The more consistent activity also contributed greatly to my meeting my weight loss goal for the year – 30lbs, and helping to keep my PCOS and nutrition in check.

(Side note related to the title of this post, we had the most amazing doughnuts on Monday and then had the worst migraine from all that sugar and felt so blah! Then realised that we’ve only had treats like that a couple of times this year since our food habits have changed so drastically.)

Yes, they were as delicious as they look!

I found a new job I love and have been able to keep putting money away in savings this year. I’ve spent a bit of it, but I’m still ahead of where I was before I got my new job.

We got to see family more this year, but didn’t quite keep up with our monthly dinners – must do better on that one – and I kept in touch and got back into routine catch ups with the bestest of friends/chosen family.

What didn’t quite work

Reading 50 books this year – I could potentially still do this! I’m on 39 books read so far. After 6 months of pretty much doing nothing but reading all the time I got so burnt out from it that I just… stopped for a while. I’m currently actively reading 5 different books, but can I finish 11 in a month? I guess we’ll find out!

My 2021 Reading List So Far

Journaling and writing every day, meditating consistently, continuing learning (outside of work), spending more time on social media (again, outside of work) all just fell down. I actually cut massively down on social media usage this year (and am much happier for it) but writing is still one of those things that I haven’t found a way to make work for me and my routine. I obviously need to make time for it, but it’ll be at the expense of something I’m enjoying doing (like sleeping or hot tubbing or hiking!).

Overall for 2021…

I’m really pleased with my progress with my health this year.

I knew 30lbs wouldn’t be easy to lose, that’s why I gave myself a year. With my PCOS symptoms and related things it’s been tricky to find what works for me, but the supplements have really helped with shifting nutrition and staying active.

My resting heart rate has gone down 10bpm over the last year (down 5bpm since Feb).

I’ve lost 30 pounds (2st 2lbs/13.6kg), 17.5 inches, and 12.8% body fat this year so far.

That’s 11% of my starting body weight gone. It’s half my total weight loss goal, but I suspect the next 30 will be a bit more difficult to shift.

And the rest… I’m not mad about not meeting them. I will continue to work on some of them and if I continue to spend more time reading and spending time off of screens and social media and more in the moment, I know I’m doing well.