Gratitude for the good, the bad and the amazing.

It feels like it’s been a big year, but also that it hasn’t, y’know? Less in limbo than 2020 but not quite progressing yet. Last year I wrote about gratitude and circumstances, and recently I was watching Midnight Mass and there’s a great scene that talks about the responsibility of reacting in a hopeful or positive way when something tears us down.

It’s a good way to frame your life, but can be difficult at times to find any hope in a dark place. During the last year and a half I’ve done so much work to come to a good place with myself and I have come out the other side of my grief and/or anger at some of the circumstances I’ve been dealt and feel more at peace with who I am than I ever have.

So what am I grateful for right now?

Being made redundant! My previous workplace was toxic and I didn’t want to go back from furlough. Being made redundant meant I didn’t have to and led me to the next thing I’m grateful for.

Landing a job I love with a company I’ve wanted to work for since I moved to the UK. Once I was able to work in the UK I applied for many jobs with Future and no luck. Until now.

Being more proactive with my health. As of today I’m 3lbs off my target weight for this year. But starting off the year focussing on my consistency in exercise gave me a good foundation to keep more active this year. I’ve walked 300 miles in the last 12 months. It doesn’t sound like a lot over a year, but it’s more than I’ve done previously I can guarantee that.

That I made the decision to take a last minute trip to the US in 2019. No one knew a pandemic was coming and we’d be in lockdown, so I’m really thankful I got the opportunity to go back for Thanksgiving in 2019.

No longer prioritising others before myself. Over the last 18 months or so I’ve been a little ruthless with who I give my time to. I’ve paid attention to who gives me bad vibes or leaves me feeling unhappy in any way after speaking to or spending time with them and cut them out. Life’s too short to give people that only want something from you your time.

The people that, even though we don’t speak every day or see each other that often, are always there when you need them. And the people that are there for me every single day and help me get through the bad as well as celebrate the good. I’m fortunate that the people I do have in my life are the right ones.

Vaccines. The work of the scientists and doctors to come up with these things to give us protection when we needed it quickly is nothing short of amazing. I’m grateful to not be so immuno-comprised that I can’t have them and I’m looking forward to booking my booster soon!

And there’s so much more, as always, but these are the big things that have gotten me through this year.

So, what are you grateful for right now?


2 responses to “Gratitude for the good, the bad and the amazing.”

  1. Pamela Collier Avatar
    Pamela Collier

    I have thought about that visit on Thanksgiving 2019 a lot since the pandemic. I have been so thankful for you coming here since. I am thankful for you Tish. I am inspired by your life. I love you!

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