Wintery scene with a pinecone surrounded by red berries on a wooden table

Winter is coming and I just want to hibernate

I’m feeling a whole hibernation vibe lately. Early nights and not wanting to go out (people, ugh!) are a mood let me tell you. Every time the clocks go back I find it difficult to be motivated to do anything until I get used to it and that usually takes a few weeks.

November is just such a drab month. There’s usually a lot of rain, so the skies are grey all the time and combined with the sun setting just after 4pm by the end of the month, it’s no wonder I want to hide away. December has the holiday lights and excitement of my birthday, then Christmas and New Year so there’s always something to look forward to.

I know most people are happy to get out and about after all the lockdowns and all, but it currently feels like absolutely everyone is out each time I step in a shop. So I’m going to be avoiding that as much as possible thanks. I have no desire to have strangers back in my personal space – I felt this way before the pandemic, but it’s much stronger now.

What I do have a desire for is making the the house as cosy as I can, maybe have a clear out. I’m taking a random day off work this week while it’s quiet to try and get some bits done around the house. Maybe work on sorting some present buying and general life admin while I’m at it.

I have a little wish list of stuff to tackle on my single day off. Knowing I won’t get to everything I will be content knowing I can cross off some things and will feel productive.

Next week is Thanksgiving and, while I don’t have it off, I always do Thanksgiving dinner during the weekend (Hubby loves it and wouldn’t pass up a chance for roast turkey!) and we practice gratitude. That’s usually the turning point for my glumness and I’ll be less humdrum about things then, I swear.