When you wake up from depression you need to give yourself grace

I’m rubbish at sticking to goals that aren’t massively important. Do I want to write more? Yep. Do I actually write more? Nope.

Part of not writing recently has been from what a dumpster fire the last few months have been, personally (and well, globally too amiright?). It’s only when my mental health finally got bad enough to need a time out that I took better care of myself.

This is an annual thing. My mental health seems to always go kaput around March. It’s been happening for years – something I obviously forget until social media helpfully shows me memories of feeling crap year after year and then I remember. I honestly can’t say why, maybe it’s the dreariness of winter finally having it’s way or something unconscious I’m unaware of, but the few weeks I’ve finally felt more myself and gotten more productive and energetic.

As I finally come out of this depression, I feel so much lighter. Getting to spend time with friends recently and then the last two days at the seaside also helped my wellbeing immensely and I’m just grateful I have the means to do that – and the superpower of always having nice weather when we have plans I’ve made in advance!

But what I need to remind myself of right now is this: others need grace from me when they are struggling, too.