One of the bad weeks (plus a cancer update!)

I’ve just realised I have a draft from a couple months ago that I still haven’t finished or posted which I obviously forgot about! Oh well. You get this one instead.

This week has been utter shite. 90% of that is down to hormones because ovaries suck – I still have my cycles I just don’t have the bits that bleed anymore. But I won’t complain about that, because it’s still better than the alternatives. All of the work stress I’ve had this week would have been better reacted to during any other week, except of course that’s not how things go.

But this week? The last week before I’m off for two weeks, the last few days before a contract runs out and I’m trying to get a new one signed off in time, and my cancer check up all happen at the same time. So yep, I’ve been in tears a lot this week. Stress dreams about work, waking up in the night, feeling sick and stuck and stupid and not good enough (I know all of this is not true, but it’s there in my head).

Emotional reaction wise I’ve been pretty level for 6 months so it’s not always like this, thank goodness. Everyone has been helpful and nice and supportive, which is awesome! I’m particularly grateful for everyone that’s thought of me and made me feel better this week, you’re all my heroes.

Now on to the more important issues at hand. My cancer check up.

This was my 2 year check up (technically 2 years isn’t until the end of October, but this is how my 6 monthly appointments have turned out). In April I asked about early menopause and he agreed it sounded like I had some symptoms and I got blood work done. There’s still one hormone test outstanding but everything else is perfect, so that’s ruled out early menopause. Which is good news! Everything else is fine as well, so another one done now.