Wednesday Weigh In

I know I’ve been MIA recently and that’s mainly because I’ve been incredibly stressed out and also avoiding my scale. But today it was unavoidable as I had my regular weigh in with my doctor.

When I stepped on the scale last night to see what I was dealing with I wasn’t expecting what I saw – 217lbs. Really? WTF. So to say I was frustrated is an understatement. I was heartbroken and devastated. I cried for ages. I cried because it’s beginning to feel like no matter what I do, how good I think I’m being or how much exercise I do nothing is going to shift this weight.

I’ve been stuck within the same 3-5lb range for 11 months now and this is the highest I’ve been since then.

So this morning when I went into my doctor’s office I let it all out. She is one of the best doctors I’ve ever encountered and is so understanding. She offered a few solutions, including a weight loss pill. I declined the pill for now as I would much rather do it properly, but if it comes down to nothing else working I might give that a go. For now she’s given me a target of no more than 1400 calories per day and we will take it from there.

So I’m glad I have a plan and a specific thing to focus on for the next few weeks. I will do everything in my power to stay on track and stay positive and motivated. I think overall this past 11 months I’ve done really well considering how extremely frustrating my situation has been.

So that’s my whinging done with for now. Now I will focus on positive changes and making sure I’m doing everything I can to get results (and hopefully it all works!). So today is me starting over.

And now for the weigh in results:

Weight: 215


2 responses to “Wednesday Weigh In”

  1. Sarah m Avatar
    Sarah m

    tish, i think you’ve done so so well. 11 months is fantastic, u are so strong and motivated. you’ve obviously got to a bit of a hurdle thats all. it’s brilliant you have a great doctor. keep at it honey, i think you’re doing amazing. call me if u ever want to chat x x x

    1. Thanks Sarah, that means so much! 🙂 xxxx