Wednesday Weigh In…

Oh boy…

Weight: 212.2


  • Thursday – 60 mins boxing
  • Friday – 90 mins incline intervals
  • Saturday – Rest day
  • Sunday – 60 mins incline intervals
  • Monday – 30 Day Shred (Day 1, Level 1), 60 mins boxing
  • Tuesday – 30 Day Shred (Day 2, Level 1), 90 mins incline intervals
  • Wednesday – 30 Day Shred (Day 3, Level 1) & Rest day

So this is all a bit frustrating, but I’ve totally revamped my workouts and I am burning hella calories. This week (Sun-Sat) I’m going to end up burning over 7,000 calories.

On SparkPeople I’ve finally updated my goal to lose 2lbs per week until March 27th, which is when we go on holiday and updated my fitness goals to burn 7,000 calories a week (it was 3,500). So it’s updated my calorie range which I need to pay attention to. I’ve been eating much less calories than I should, which has probably had a negative effect. Also I’m gaining muscle, especially in my waist and arms (from the boxing) which may be part of it.

I’m a bit disappointed with the gain, but I think I understand the reasons and will definitely be talking to my doctor about it next week and hopefully she will confirm my thoughts.

The thing is, I feel so great right now. My waist looks smaller, I feel more toned and, other than feeling really tired today from not sleeping well, I’m so motivated and feel really good after I work out. So I’m not going to let the number on the scale dictate my mood. I’m going to continue with my schedule, concentrate on eating the right amount of calories, which can be hard when you are trying to be “good”, and enjoy my rest days. I’m also working on being more active on Spark, which really helps. All my Spark friends are so great. The site really is amazing.

Oh and I haven’t had any candy since Feb 18th. I’m totally breaking my unhealthy habits (addictions?) one at a time. Woo!