Yep, that is how I feel! I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I tossed and turned the whole night and it felt like I hardly slept. I was so tired in fact, that I very nearly talked myself out of exercising tonight. I then decided that I need to work out! Not just because I have a weigh in this week, but because I’m sick and tired of having things get in the way of my exercise and since there isn’t anything stopping me now I need to do it.

The last two months I’ve had something hold me back. January/February it was because I fell in the car park and injured my knee and arm. This month I was ill for two weeks. Since the new year I feel like there is always something in the way of my making progress (even though I am still making progress – I’m still losing so that’s something!). I know I could be so much better off if these things would just stop happening, but it’s not like I can stop them. It’s very frustrating!

Once these odd things stop happening I know I’ll be flying again. I feel like I’m stuck because it’s been so slow, even though my doctor is proud of me and I know slow is better. I liked the momentum I had in the beginning and just need to get motivated again!

I struggled with my run tonight, hubby mentioned that I did do a 45 minute workout before I ran on top of being exhausted before I even started. It surely didn’t help! Wednesday is 8 minutes x 2. That will be fun…