Welcome 2018! (Also, 9 weeks post op!)

I think I can safely say all my goals for 2017 went straight out the window the moment I was diagnosed with cancer. That I finished the year cancer free and feeling better than I have in years is more than a great ending to a really crappy year.

So what do I want to be in store for 2018?

  • I’m going to focus on being happy, doing what makes me happy, and enjoying life.
  • I’ve started exercising again (today) and eating right and my only health focus this year is to become and stay as active as I can and feel good in my own body. (Sure I want to lose weight, but this isn’t the specific aim here. The most important thing is that I feel better and am getting healthier.)
  • Write more – on here of course, but also maybe see about contributing to other things if/when I can.
  • Go on adventures! We made a list when I decided to have the hysterectomy. Knowing we wouldn’t have children meant we don’t have to wait to do all the things we want.
  • Have more fun. This ties in with the above, but doesn’t have to be adventurous.
  • But really, the most important thing I’d like for 2018 is to continue being surrounded with love, laughter, and the most amazing people in the world.

So here’s to 2018 and more laughs, adventures, and fun to be had all around!

Today also marks 9 weeks since my hysterectomy! I know I was cleared for all activity at 4 weeks, but I’ve waited until I’m back at work to do much of anything else. I’m still only working 3 days a week and will go up to 4 this month and be back to a full week in February along with full time hours. I’m slowly getting there!

Today Hubby and I started the Body Coach 90 Day Shift, Shape, Sustain plan. I’ve spent the last two weekends doing meal prep, 30 meals to last us a week (wowzers!) and today we finally started working out. I was careful with the squats, but it felt so good to be active again!

I’m so happy I’ve had zero complications so far and other than a bit of soreness in the pelvic region tonight I’m still feeling good. I don’t feel like I’ve over done it, it’s just a new activity that I’m having to work back into, everything’s moved around down there so it will be a bit different until it’s used to things!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!


2 responses to “Welcome 2018! (Also, 9 weeks post op!)”

  1. Tremendous goals Tish, theres no doubt you both will attain them all. Love you and miss you,


    1. Thanks, Dad! Love you too