Feelin’ Good: Brief summary of week 1…

Me usually in the mornings!
How I used to feel in the mornings…

My new schedule has gone really well this week. I find it much easier to wake up at 5.30am than later, probably due to my sleep cycles, but it’s not been a problem. I got out of bed between 5.30 and 5.45 every morning this week! My routine consists of:

  1. Downing some .50 calibre Grenade Pre-Workout Devastation (Lemon Raid flavour)
  2. Browsing FB/Twitter/YouTube/Tumblr/etc for 30 minutes while I wake up properly and the Grenade kicks in
  3. Working out RAWR. Doing Focus T25 and alternating between some extras each day, strength training, abs, squats, whatevs
  4. Brekkie for me and Hubby
  5. Get ready for work
  6. Arrive at work (I’m actually leaving a bit earlier nowadays too)

I’m more energetic in the mornings. The first few days I was in crazy good moods but as the week went on I did subdue a little bit and was a bit more tired. After next week I should be feeling level, it takes up to 2 weeks for a new sleep pattern to set in properly.

How I feel now ;)
How I feel now!

I stayed to work late twice this week too, and it didn’t stress me out at all because I knew I didn’t have to get home and work out, it was already done and when I get home I am able to relax and not worry about having to do anything but cook dinner and wind down.

I did find that at around 9.30-10pm most nights I was very grumpy from being sleepy though!

Overall, I’m much more positive, energetic, “chirpier” as Hubby would say and overall just happier this week than I have been. The general tiredness from getting up early will subside as I continue and get used to it and I’ll find after the next week or two I’ll be able to do something other than just collapse and chill out in the evenings – like go back to gaming (something I have missed this week – I haven’t seen the new WoW patch at all!) and trying to write more.

In other news, I have to go buy a new mouse! Trying to play Portal this morning has done my head in lol 🙂 And I haven’t played GTA ever, but GTA5 looks good! Just convinced Hubby to buy it so we can have a go 🙂