Leveling up: Domestics




In my previous post I mentioned planning meals as part of my plan to combat stress over the next few weeks. Yesterday I made our weekly meal plan and I’ve spent some time this weekend baking as well.

Spur of the moment yesterday I decided rather than throw another bunch of bananas in the bin as we forgot to eat them, I would make banana bread. I had some gluten free flour which I’ve been wanting to try as well so this was the perfect opportunity. I love baking banana bread, it takes no time to prep and is yummy! I made it in a cake tin and we had some while it was still warm. Was perfect. Dairy and gluten free and didn’t upset our tums. ๐Ÿ™‚

Banana Bread Take 1

With my change to gluten free foods it’s easier to avoid when I eat cleaner and make things myself, or with as little ingredients as possible. For this reason when I was planning meals for this week I pulled out my book of 3 and 4 ingredient dishes! Most are super easy to make and are, as the title suggests, only 3 or 4 ingredients.

Tonight I made Paprika Pork with mashed potatoes. Pork, peppers, paprika and tomato sauce, so easy and so so good.

Paprika Pork
Paprika Pork

While that was cooking I also made some granola! Oats, pecans, maple syrup and some extra bits – cinnamon apple and raisins – for a bit of flavour. I’ll have this for breakfasts with yogurt!

Granola w/ cinnamon apple
Granola w/ cinnamon apple

And as I had another bunch of bananas in the freezer, I went for another batch of banana bread. This time in muffin and proper loaf form, not in a cake tin ๐Ÿ™‚

Banana Bread muffins
Little bits of yumminess in muffin form

The meals for the rest of the week are equally simple, Potato & Garlic soup, Chicken Stir Fry, Spanish Tortilla (my first attempt at making! Fingers crossed it comes out okay), Black Bean Soup, Tuna steaks, Sausage Hash. Lunches will be soups and salads. Breakfasts granola, yogurt and eggs.

No fuss, easy and healthy! Definitely leveled up my cooking skills this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Since food planning is all done now I just need to prep for tomorrow. Clothes and nails, nice relaxing bubble bath…

Because tomorrow begins my attempt at becoming a morning person. 5.30 am out of bed, prep for workout then get ready for work.

I was reading about some habits of successful people earlier and one of the many lists I came across the first item was “get up insanely early in the morning”. Sounds about right? If I can manage to stick with it I think it will help and set me up for the day properly.

Let the fun begin!