I want to go to the seaside…

I’ve been craving going to the seaside for a few weeks now, but with feeling rubbish and getting back on track just hadn’t had the chance. I woke up early this morning and checked the weather and it said sun! So I woke a grumpy Hubby and then decided to let him hibernate for a while longer and started a stew for dinner before waking him again.

The tide was way out!
The tide was way out!

We made it down to Weymouth but my sunshine left me! It was still a nice day. Walking along the shore, sitting on the Pleasure Pier (where he proposed over 9 years ago!), visiting the arcade and getting a little bit lost amongst the shops while searching for big sticks of rock!

Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, down/depressed or not quite “me” visiting the sea always helps put things into perspective.

I’m glad I went today, before the craziness begins at work tomorrow. I have a feeling the next few months will be absolutely mental.