There is a moment when people decide that what they are doing with their lives no longer betters them. Generally speaking I feel like this moment comes too late for most.

I can’t fathom why we as a society feel pressure to stay in jobs we aren’t happy in, do things we don’t like or want to do, or try to keep up with some impossible standard that is set out for us by governments and leaders, not ourselves. I could talk about the reasons for this, the evils of capitalism or whatever, but that’s not what this is about.

It’s about making the decision to truly own your life, do what you know in your heart will make you truly happy and having a life to look back on and be proud of. Choosing to help others, make a difference – either in one person’s life or in the world, do work that gives you joy not just money to buy material things.

Because joy, pure joy, cannot be bought.

My joy! :)
My joy! 🙂

It comes from family, friends, nature, love . Love of what you do, who you are with and who you are. It also comes from following your dreams. Now, dreams can change. Something you wanted when you were younger you may find changes as you grow older, or when you meet someone and fall in love.

For me, owning my life means working towards my dreams, spending less time doing things that don’t make me feel good – physically, emotionally or mentally – and spending more time doing things that I enjoy and encourage my intended path.

Decided what my intended path is? Well that’s a whole different topic… 😉