There went that!

All my noble intentions for this week got told off when I woke up with a sore throat Wednesday which quickly turned into the flu. So after 48 hours of fever, aches, the worst headache in the word and a sore throat, I’m finally feeling a little bit better – the fever has broke anyway – but unfortunately my kick ass plans didn’t go as planned this week.

But nevermind that. I had a weigh in at the doc Wednesday morning (before the horrible flu hit me) and there was a loss of about 1kg, which was welcome. Since then, having not eaten properly and been in bed for 2 days I’ve lost another 2.2kg. I know some (if not all) of that will go back on once I’m eating properly again, but I always find it amusing how quickly you can lose weight just by being ill.

Monday I did go to the gym and do my run, and we had a lush salad for dinner. Tuesday I had a migraine, probably the start of my illness, but I persevered and did my hour of Zumba. Since then I’ve been either bed or sofa ridden.

To help cheer me up I’ve watched Stonehenge Apocalypse today. Everyone needs a bit of Misha Collins on their telly, even if it is in a crap end of the world B movie. <3

Now it’s time for Tron (which I’ve never seen) and then Tron 2 if I can put up with it.