I’m The Enemy

Hey bloggers and bloggettes, what’s up?!

I’ve been fighting this horrible tonsillitis for the past 2 weeks, it’s been a sucky few weeks. 🙁 On top of the tonsillitis I had a sinus and chest infection. So much fun.

So I’m finally feeling (mostly) better and it’s been 2 weeks today since my last workout. I am going on the treadmill after I write this for C25K W1D2 and then some incline intervals, but I wanted to write while I had some inspiration.

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block lately, I go to write and… nothing. I write a lot about motivation, mostly because I struggle with it. Today I read someone’s blog on SparkPeople and it was exactly what I needed to read.

I had already decided today that I am OVER being sick and will kick it’s butt. I’m committing myself to doing a few things from now on:

  • 60 minutes of exercise a day – it could be anything, running, walking, strength training, dancing, mowing the grass, boxing, yoga, zumba, a kick ass DVD… anything. As long as I move and sweat and burn calories for an hour a day I’m good.
  • Eat “sexy” – I want to focus on eating good, healthy, “sexy” foods that make me feel good.

Since we got back from Spain it’s been a bit wacky. I haven’t gotten back into my routines properly and it’s been bugging me. This is something I can control, so I’m going to do it.

I’m deciding to get back on track, track my food and exercise, move my body for an hour a day, eat foods that will make me feel amazing and to motivate myself. Motivation is not an external factor, it’s something we have to do for ourselves.

Do I want this? HELL YES.

Will I do this? HELL YES.

Even Hubby has been getting up in the morning this week and treadmilling. I’m so proud of him for that. I’m not a morning person so getting my butt up in the mornings is just a bad idea for anyone within a block of me (that’s why I work out in the evenings!). 🙂

My food lately has been uninspiring and boring, hence no photos. But I’ll be back at it soon, back to my menus and planning and knowing what’s going in my body for the week.

I lost 2kg in the 24 hours after my last weigh in at the doctors when I first got sick. I actually managed to keep 1kg of that off for a week and a half. It only went back up as of yesterday. I’m hoping that now, with the revived workouts it will fall off quickly again.

Let’s do this. 🙂