Week of Crazy (and maybe a weigh in!?)

Hey… this week has been a bit busy and more action-packed than the last few for me, which is a good thing! We got our new mattress on Saturday and oh man, it is LUSH. I love it so much, if I weren’t already married to my wonderful Hubby, I’d totally be marrying my amazing new mattress. I am sleeping so much better now and have tweaked my sleep routine so I’m getting closer to the right amount of sleep each night, which is a bonus.

It’s a good thing I’m sleeping well, ‘cuz man I got lots going on. I’m back at the gym full time now. I’ve been every night this week and plan to go every day I can this month. I’m supposed to hit it up 16 times this month but I won’t (I was a lazy cow last week). I should manage 12-14 times which is still a massive improvement on my past attendance! I’m also doing another workout routine on top of the gym, just a little one it’s not massive. I found it in a magazine and it’s about 20 minutes a day, for 5 days doing either cardio or circuits. It’s started me running (in small doses) again, which I’m pleased about.

Last night’s workout was 10 minutes of walking/jogging, increasing your speed every 2 minutes, and then repeat for a 20 minute workout. At the end of the 20 minutes I was running 6mph (to The Pretender by Foo Fighters) and tearing up because I was so elated. Running is so fantastic, and as I walked to cool down (to Best of You :)) I was crying my eyes out. The feeling I get when I run… it’s like a huge weight is lifted and I feel really strong, like I can accomplish anything. It relieves all my stress and feels like it cleanses my soul. Hence the emotional outbursts I usually get. But I love it because when it’s done – I always feel a million times better than I did when I started, physically and emotionally.

Monday night I made almond butter in my new food processor. I haven’t even managed to have any of it properly yet so am not sure if it’s any good! I added some to my porridge on Tuesday morning, but with everything else it wasn’t a strong taste, so I haven’t had any properly to see what it’s really like. But I’m hoping it’s a yummy as it looks and smells!!

So I guess I should give weigh in details, but this week being what it is (it’s THAT week) it doesn’t really count anyway and I look forward to next week when it’s over and hopefully I’ll see a bit of a loss from all this amazing working out and good (90% good anyway) eating I’ve been doing.

Weight: 222.4 lbs

Full Moon

Tonight and last night have been perfectly clear and with tonight’s full moon it’s so pretty! Nights like this remind me of going to the beach back in VB and sitting on the beach listening to the waves on the shore and watching the stars. Ooh, how I miss that!! As much as I do love it here, there are some things that just can’t be replaced.