New Toys!




I finally managed to buy a food processor today!! I am so incredibly excited to be able to process food. ๐Ÿ™‚ Namely, make almond butter and the like. One for the con list of living outside of the US, things like that are not available so I’ve got to make my own. But that’s okay with me because at least then I know what’s in it and it’s healthier.

I also bought a waffle iron. Because I’ve been pining for waffles for months, but don’t like to buy them already made. I want them fresh, homemade and healthy.

The last thing I bought? Protein mix. It wasn’t the kind I wanted, but it was cheaper and smaller so I can see how it goes. I would rather not spend ยฃ20 on a HUGE tub of it if I don’t like it and don’t find it useful in my diet. If it goes well I will definitely buy the good stuff.

I’m glad I got up early today and wasn’t lazy and got out and did all that this morning. I was home by noon and now the rain has come and it’s miserable. Poor exhausted Hubby has just gone to bed for a nap (I had one yesterday so totally know how he feels) and I’m feeling like just curling up with some hot chocolate and Gilmore Girls as I think I’ve had enough WoW for today.

I think I will work out my plan of attack for this week as well. I like plans. ๐Ÿ™‚