Like a Rollin’ Stone

This week has been hectic and so very tiring! It always is when you return from being off for a while.

I started the week off with a trip to Belfast which went well. The meeting was great, it’s always fun to go and see how inspiring our Directors are for our brokers. So much positive energy! And I met up with my mate and it was nice to catch up 🙂

Here’s a grumpy me very early in the morning in my dress:

Me in my dress

I found a bag I loved in the Belfast airport.

Guess handbag I loved

I didn’t buy it. But last night found this one, which I love MORE.

Guess handbag I now love more
View from the plane before landing in Heathrow

I got home late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning had a weigh in with my GP. I hadn’t been to see her since July, due to the craziness of last year and me being horrible and forgetful 🙁 The 2lbs I lost last week came back this week for the weigh in and she wants to see me again in 2-3 weeks so my next appointment is booked for the 2nd of February. I have to lose 1kg by then.

My food has been rubbish this week. I haven’t been to the gym either. I’ve felt so tired and run down! Along with returning to work and traveling to Belfast, when I finally did return to the office on Wednesday the office move to the ground floor commenced. So I didn’t have an easy week at work with all the moving plus all the work I had to get done. Thursday I managed to empty 2 huge cabinets and carry everything downstairs. It took me just under an hour and my legs are still feeling the 20 or so trips it took up and down the stairs. So technically that’s a work out. With my next weigh in so close (2.5 weeks!) that will at least keep me motivated to stay good and get my exercise in.

I’m thinking of changing my hair colour (again!). I only just recently got it to the colour I wanted it, it’s taken about a year to get it this light. Now I’m thinking of going red, similar to the lovely Paloma Faith:

Paloma Faith

What do you think? 🙂

We were up early today (7:30am on a Saturday should NOT exist unless there is something  amazing happening) and are waiting for our new comfy mattress to be delivered. Then we can snuggle on it and go back to sleep!