Wednesday Weigh-in

Hey hey hey, it’s Wednesday and I actually weighed myself this morning!

My last weigh in was Aug 29th, a week and a half ago and I was 215.8 lbs.

Today I was 213.8 lbs. Down 2 lbs.


Last night was a good night out with all the peeps at work, our team won the quiz! We are all so clever, of course. It was easy to not eat much as there was a lot of socialising and then the quiz. I have quite a sore throat today, hopefully it goes away like it did last week. I really don’t want to be ill for my holiday! I think it’s the weather, it changed drastically during the past week and is now cold and rainy! So now everyone feels crap.

Back to the gym tonight, and tomorrow night and Friday night. Then I can chill out by the pool for a week.