Holiday? Yes, please!

In 23 hours I will be in sunny, warm Majorca. I just have to make it through today. That’s the struggle!! This sore throat won’t go away or turn into anything else like it usually does. It’s just sticking around, taunting me and making me feel crap. Maybe the sunshine will scare it off?

I have a few more things to sort out today – putting petrol in my car so I can get to the airport in the morning, going to the gym one last time, and doing all the girly-beauty things that we do before we go away (or outside for that matter). I have to be up at 2am, so I hope I’m quick with all this stuff so I can go to bed at a decent time.

I won’t update while I’m away, even though I could from my phone, cuz that shit is uber expensive when you’re roaming. Just know that I will be enjoying laying by the pool doing not a lot and relaxing!