There are two camps I think when it comes to stress and weight loss. Either you get stressed and lose your appetite or you get stressed and you eat. I’m the latter unfortunately.

Stress for me is certainly not conducive to my losing weight as I start to crave all the really horrible foods that I haven’t wanted for ages. It’s a pretty crappy feeling really.

I think I’ve done as well as can be expected during my current situation. I haven’t been keeping track, though, and I feel really badly about that. I should have. What’s done is done though so all I can do now is move forward. I did get my third run in on Saturday and did some boxing. I also managed to go over my goal for calories burned for the week and the workouts do help with the stress of waiting. It takes my mind off of it all and I’m able to focus on my goal.

Today is a holiday (I do love having two Mondays in May off!) and I will workout in a bit. I’m on Week 2 of C25K again, Week 1 was incredibly easy but hey, it was the third time I’ve done it! I intend on eating well, working out, designing my mother-in-law’s photography blog and watching films.

Hopefully tomorrow we have answers, I’d like an answer that says I’ll get paid but just to know for certain what will be happening would be nice.