In the midst of all the stress going on with work I had my tattoo appointment yesterday. The appointment was for 5pm but they rang me at 3:30 to ask if I could come in early as they were done with the guy ahead of me. So at 3:47 I arrived un-inked and at 4:07 I left with my first tattoo!

My first tattoo
My tattoo

It’s in the language of the Ancients from Stargate and reads “faith”. My reasons for having this specifically are myriad and very personal.

I’m very pleased with it. It didn’t hurt, just was a constant stinging really. The first two characters were the most interesting feeling as they are the closest to the metal in my arm and I could feel the metal vibrating as he did those ones! So freaky.

It’s weird looking at my arm and seeing something there but I’m so happy to have it! 🙂

On the job front the company has not officially gone into administration yet so we are waiting for news on what will happen. It may turn out that we still have a company and jobs and will get paid. Tuesday will bring more answers hopefully. I’m so glad for the long weekend as, with everything going on, I totally need the break!