We finally had news today at work and it wasn’t good. The company has gone into administration, which basically means the company can’t pay their debts so the bank is appointing someone to come in and deal with things.

We will find out more from whoever is appointed our adminstrator tomorrow, but for now that means that I don’t get paid and must file with the government to claim the money I am owed.

It also means I need a new job.

Last night and this morning I was very calm and came to terms that today would be a yes or no day in regards to the company’s future. I’m taking this as a sign, that it is definitely time for me to move on and find something better. Truth is I’d been toying with the idea of whether to look, really look, for jobs for the last year or so. I had nearly decided in the last few months that I would. This has obviously pushed me over the ledge I was safely perched on, forcing me to do something that, honestly, I’ve been to scared to do.

This is a scary situation, it always is when it comes to things like this I think. I’m willing to welcome the opportunities that will hopefully come and see where they lead. I’m ready for the change but wasn’t willing to take the first step, now I have to!

I’m being very philosophical about it all, I know. I am sad about it, though. I will miss my colleagues when I won’t see them every day anymore. It was a great company, I was lucky enough to come in relatively early on, a few months after they started, and we all truly became something of a family. I’ll miss that.

Tomorrow we find out where we go from here. I know that it won’t all be over in a day, though. It’s going to rough, especially until I find something new, but I’m kind of welcoming the challenge.

It’s a test of the new me.

I hope I pass.

Oh and, anyone have any jobs available? 🙂


One response to “Unemployed…”

  1. Tish,
    Sorry to hear the bad news of the company’s situation, after reading your post I want you to keep in mind that I was in the same sitiuation years ago when I was in Japan and IT went into bankruptcy, I had the same thoughts of wether to loom for more work or ride out the transistion of the new take over or doors closing per say……… Well I elected to stay and the new company “Shaw” turned out to be 10 times better. So as you are thinking about leaving, I would advise you to stay onboard and listen to what they offer and say as time goes by, you may get promoted, or stay the same postion, at the worst the company goes down, then that was the sign to move on. In any case I believe in you and your decisions, in the end , do what is in your heart and know I will be there if you need me.

    Love Dad