Wednesday What?!

Today is Wednesday.

I totally haven’t weighed myself.

Bad oceanchica!

Truth is, I completely forgot. I keep having to remind myself what day it is, because honestly, I totally have no clue. This week is just strange.

I’m kind of avoiding the scale this week. I’m still fighting this darn cold, I’m nearly 100% but not quite, so haven’t worked out much. I have been concentrating on my food, though and doing better.

So I think I’m skipping this week’s weigh in. Not because I think it will be bad, but because I like the feeling of not worrying about what the scale says right now. Next week I’ll be OK and will not forget, though.

On another note, I have a bit of a dilemna. Or perhaps a very motivating scenario. Either way… I have no Spring/Summer clothes. I have a few bits, but really, nothing. Crazy, I know. This is not the problem, as the solution is of course, to go buy more. (Which I’m very much looking forward to by the way.) My dilemna is I refuse to buy clothes until I’ve lost the last 12lbs and am minus 200.

So I’m using it to motivate myself. It will work. I am desperate for skirts and dresses and new tops and shoes.

Mmmm shoes. I want these. SO BAD.

So 12lbs be damned, I will lose you. Soon. Those shoes are calling my name.


Edit: Thursday AM – I weighed myself today. Just to see.

Weight: 211.2

So, yay!