1 Week On

I have started the 10K program and did Week 1 Day 2 this morning. I thought about jumping a few weeks ahead but decided it would be safest to start from the beginning and work up to the longer times in the later weeks. I have put all the runs in my diary and with running every other day I will finish on November 20th. Perfect timing for my trip to the States and I should be capable of running the length of the boardwalk on the beach both ways. I am really looking forward to being able to do that and that is keeping me very motivated!!

I am trying to remember to log my food! The weekends are always crap logging wise so hopefully this week I will stick with it. Of course this weekend we have a friend staying with us and I’m sure there will be many bad things consumed, most in alcoholic form!

As for spending more time outside, I did drive to Ikea on Saturday, but that really doesn’t count! It should be sunny the rest of the week so here’s hoping it will be nice enough for some walks.