Randoms from 2001

I was cleaning out the spare bedroom today and found a shoe box full of all my old journals with loads of poetry and random thoughts from high school, college and beyond. It’s all very interesting to me! One thing I found that I thought was good to share was the list of “Things I Want In My Life” from early 2001. It’s interesting to compare this list to the one I wrote a few weeks ago…

Things I Want In My Life (2001)

  • Travel – See the world
    • India
    • Tibet
    • Italy
    • Brazil
    • Australia
    • Thailand
    • All the castles in Europe
    • Egypt
    • France
    • New Orleans
    • New York
    • Hawaii
    • Key West
    • San Franscisco
    • Coral Castle in Homestead, FL
    • Spain – specifically Santiago de Compostella
  • Find true love
  • Marry
  • Have a daughter
  • My sisters to be in my wedding
  • Find a job I enjoy
  • Learn and take in all I can
  • Get help for my depression
  • Not depend on others for self worth
  • Sky diving
  • Get a Bachelor’s degree

I’ve crossed out the ones I’ve done! All in all not a bad list. I’d add a couple new ones to it now, though.

  • Get a tattoo (I’m planning for 3 right now)
  • Run a marathon

I like this list. 🙂