Just Thinking

Things have been quite hectic lately. I feel like I’m so busy I haven’t got time to do things I like or used to do, like the site! I’m halfway through a redesign with a new theme but just don’t have the time to look at it.

Fortunately, I have some holiday coming up and will be able to spend some time with my old loves while I’m enjoying the downtime off work. I plan to clear out the house, paint some rooms, work on the site and other geeky projects and start Christmas shopping. With our trip to the States in December I need to have all the shopping for the folks there done in a timely manner so I can plan my packing! Closerto the time I shall probably have to go shopping again for new clothes. Hopefully smaller clothes.

Yesterday I worked out twice, with my leaving early this morning to go to London I knew I wouldn’t have time so I did it last night. I managed 2 bouts on the treadmill, including about 10 minutes of running in the evening and 20 minutes on my arms (cuz it was Monday and monday means arms). But today I was up a kilogram. I’m hoping it’s for a good reason, but it won’t be good at my weigh in next week. I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later that I would have a weigh in during my TOM but I still don’t like it!

On a completely unrelated note, Hubby is now a godfather to one of our friend’s daughters! I feel really proud of him and know he will be a wonderful influence on her. 🙂