I love you, Daylight Savings!

It is not yet 5pm and it’s dark out! Yay!

I love other things, too. Ibuprofen – for helping to get rid of my headaches before they turn into deadly migraines! That’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

October was a very busy month. A very busy, stressful, awful month! But it’s over now!!! Now I’m busy but not in a stressful way. I counted the days of work left until the end of the year. I’m physically in the office for 26 days between now and 2009. That’s all!!

I’m back into my exercise routine tonight, I haven’t worked out properly for about 3-4 weeks (which shows even if everyone else thinks I look smaller still. (I DON’T DAMN YOU!)). I’m glad to be getting into it again and hoping to lose another stone by Christmas, 2lbs/week, 7 weeks, it CAN be done, but I must stay focused.

I’m taking bets.