Well it’s still Autumn-y outside, and colder now, so I’m happy about that. I helped a really old lady cross the street yesterday, too! That made me smile.

Work is quite busy and stressful at the moment. I sat down with my boss today and we worked out a schedule for me for this month, which hopefully will get me on track stress-wise!

There are lots of other, personal things going on as well. Citizenship, which is nearly over and I’m thankful for. The ceremony is on Nov 12th then I can apply for my British passport! Weight loss, going, but at the moment probably not as well as it could be. My cycles are uber crazy and unruly right now and I’m debating whether I need to go to the doctor for that. The house is a mess, which I hate but just can’t bring myself to do anything about lately. And… I’m SO BLOODY TIRED.

But it’s Autumn. And that’s good, except for the fact that it makes me miss home (still). But we are going to the seashore this weekend so I can get my fix.