Well it is OFFICIAL!! I’m a UK Citizen!!! As of last week (12th November 2008) I am a full UK citizen. 🙂 The last step in what has been a long, expensive process is to get my UK passport. I’ll be doing that in the new year.


Otherwise there is not a lot going on, really. Work is settling back down after our roadshows, which is a nice and very welcome change. I’m gearing up for a huge project starting in Dec through March next year, but otherwise things are good with work.

Weight… well. I was doing OK this month until I got sick last week. So I’ve been up and down again, just like I was all last month. I’m back on track as of yesterday exercise-wise so I’m hoping for the 4 pound loss that will make my doctor happy with me next week! My goal to lose a stone by Christmas is pretty much a goner, though, because of being sick. I’ll still do my best and see what I can accomplish by the end of the year. I’m really enjoying the Jillian Michaels DVDs I’ve got and I impressed myself tonight by completing the WHOLE Cardio Kickboxing routine, which is extremely difficult, and it was only the second time I’ve done it! The first time I had to skip out a few minutes because I just couldn’t keep up.

Hubby is on holiday from tomorrow for the rest of the month (lucky!) and I have the last three days of the month off, which I’m really looking forward to. ESPECIALLY because we are going to Ramsgate for a long weekend over Thanksgiving and I will be right across the road from the beach. Oh how I have missed the ocean this autumn!! I hope it helps with the homesickness a little.