The Best Intentions

This year I have the best intentions. I have SO many goals. The most important one is losing weight. I have planned it in such a way to be most motivating to me with goal weights and corresponding dates. I am going to post it here because the most motivating thing of all is being able to announce that I’ve met the goals and in order for me to do that they need to be posted! I don’t know the dates off the top of my head but the weights are as follows:

Start: 237 lbs
Goal 1: 221
Goal 2: 200
Goal 3: 188
Goal 4: 176
Goal 5: 166
Goal 6: 150
Goal 7: 130

When I reach 130 my BMI will be within healthy range. I can then re-evaluate if needed. As of Sunday (12th of Jan) I had lost 4lbs. I will post results here periodically, maybe not every week but every so often!

Also, I want to redesign this again, I do like how it is now but I’m ready for a change. So when I’m done watching every single episode of Gilmore Girls (I just finished Season 5 last night) and am not working out, I will start on that. And learning XML.