Lent anyone?

I did workout Monday night. I did a DVD I haven’t done in nearly a year and am missing the first DVD to so only have the last bit that is the most intense, but I did most of it! I had to skip the resistance bands because I can’t find mine and I skipped the lunges because, well, I hate lunges. 🙂 But I did it!

Having previous experience of this DVD I knew I would be sore, very sore. But I’m really not! I don’t know if it’s because my body is getting used to it or if perhaps I didn’t do it as well as I should have… I am a bit sore, but not so much that it hurts when I stand up and sit down like it usually does. I did skip a full workout last night, but did the stretching and ab workout and I will the full one again tonight, after trying to find my resistance band!

As I am not a religious person pretty much the only thing I remember about Lent is that the decorations are purple. Quite a few people in my workplace are religious, Catholic no less, so make a huge deal of it, especially the abstaining. It could be the right time for me to give up something… carbs! I seem to have a huge problem with this, I do love them so!! So I will be giving up carbs for Lent. Just the big ones – bread, rice, pasta and potato, but I will try to watch it with the ones hiding in other foods as well. I convinced my husband to give up something, but he won’t give up carbs (and I won’t make him as he is doing very well losing weight, nearly 10 pounds so far!). He will be giving up take away instead. Which will help me as well AND save us money!