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  • The Day in Pictures

    The Day in Pictures

    I’m thankful that I have some pretty amazing bosses and I have the flexibility to not only work 10-6 instead of 9-5 but that since the house move and my commute being tripled, I’m able to work from home one day a week. Usually I’m home on Tuesdays, unless I need to be home another…

  • Perfect Day(s)

    I keep meaning to write about stuff I get up to… then I remember, I don’t do much! During the week it’s pretty much work-eat-sleep, repeat and the weekends we rest and chill out. Soon we’ll be packing again so rest and chill out time is key. On rare occasions we do have fun plans…

  • This. Always.

    Something Corporate – Space There’s a lot going on in my little ol’ head lately and well, the stress isn’t going to let up anytime soon I fear. So this song is on repeat today to stop me actually screaming. <3