Perfect Day(s)

I keep meaning to write about stuff I get up to… then I remember, I don’t do much! During the week it’s pretty much work-eat-sleep, repeat and the weekends we rest and chill out. Soon we’ll be packing again so rest and chill out time is key.

On rare occasions we do have fun plans on the weekends (or during the week) and get out and about. This past weekend was one such weekend.

And it was perfect.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my absolute love of all things Andrew McMahon related at some point over the years. We went to London to see him play in Islington 2 years ago and just did it again. Hopping a train to Londinium is easy peasy (and will be even easier after we move!) so after a few errands and a coffee run we were on the train. Two weekender upgrades to first class later and we were in the new first class coaches which were LUSH. You can use the plugs if you have a not-so-flexible charger and there were USB ports too.

Arriving in London and a tube journey later (albeit a bit longer than normal due to all the disruptions) and we were in Islington. We checked in to the hotel (thank goodness for Premier Inn’s machines – no need to speak to actual people! A godsend for introverts everywhere.) and rested up for a bit. I even had a short nap!

Now the thing I LOVE about Islington? All the Mexican restaurants!! There are 3 within a 5 minute walk of the hotels we’ve stayed in there. We’ve tried two of them so far, both of them are amazing. I love Islington. As far as boroughs of London go it’s a nice one and there are loads of places to go out if you feel like it (but we are boring homebodies, so never do). But the Mexican… yummers.

Chilango Nachos!
Chilango Nachos! (Beware the hot sauce…)

Anywho, back on track. We queued for an hour to get in to the Assembly Hall for the gig. I didn’t mind, especially because I was most concerned with getting a good seat in the front of the upstairs seated section. I’m short I need to be up front damnit! When we finally got in I got my wish as there were only a few other people already up there. We chose our seats and then didn’t move until it was over.

Now on to the music…

The opening act, Sykes, were pretty good. They are having a release party for their first single soon, so just starting out, their vibe was good and her voice was beautiful. She reminded me of another artist – not in a bad way, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly who. I’d recommend checking them out if you’re on the hunt for new music.


I have to be honest, I was hoping Andrew McMahon would bring a band this time. I’ve yet to see him with a full complement of musicians with him and I think it’d be awesome. That said, he does not disappoint with just him and a piano! You get to hear stories about the songs and it’s just a bit more real and raw. Maybe I am a bit biased though, I love him no matter what he’s doing. And I totes cried during Swim (again ffs). I definitely need to sort out my tattoo soon.

Andrew McMahon
Andrew McMahon

I had a brilliant time at the gig, but do always worry that poor Hubby isn’t enjoying himself. I tend to drag him to these things with me and he says it’s okay but I’m never sure. What I am sure of is that I’m a lucky lady to have him put up with going to these things – even if it’s not his thing. I enjoy having him there with me.

Anywho, I did take a few videos and you can watch them here if you are feeling like you want to watch and listen to me sing, laugh, and/or cry in the background… yes I do all three!

Since we’re not the going-out-getting-drunk types, we went straight back to the hotel. We got up the next morning and I was hoping to go to The Breakfast Club for some brunch… and the queue was out the door about 50 feet! We had a train to catch so we didn’t stick around, but it’s definitely on the list for next time.

Another Mexican meal later, more coffee and cake bought and we were on the train home.

Burrito Bowl from Bar Burrito
Burrito Bowl from Bar Burrito

One thing I’ve noticed since having my new phone – the signal on the train is SO MUCH BETTER. I had 4G almost the whole trip there and back (I couldn’t get on the train wifi for some reason). I wrote a bit (more goals and planning) and chilled until we got back and went home via a food shop.

We spent the rest of the day lazing about watching telly, somewhat exhausted from our adventure. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. The only thing that maybe could have made it better was a side trip to the beach squeezed in at some point. But that’s okay, we are off to a friends at the coast later this month so I will get my fix then!