“Those Days”

It’s such a generic phase, “one of those days”.  It could mean *anything*. When you use it in conversation, it’s usually interpreted by others around you by your mood and/or recent events. Everyone seems to be having “one of those days” lately.

Either way my days this week so far have been filled with a certain animosity towards others. “Moody bitch” comes to mind to be honest. Mostly I’m tired. Mainly other people are just grating my nerves. So I’ve been quiet and contemplating building a blanket fort.

Some of it is something else entirely. Maybe a bit of depression creeping in, due to stress and frustrations on the house front. This week is pivotal on a whole lot of levels and literally all I am capable of doing is going through the motions. Some days are like that for me – my best is getting out of bed, making an appearance at work, and going to curl up. Nothing else. Cooking? Cleaning? No thanks.

This week I just want my bed and to curl up and hide from everyone. And continue reading The Maze Runner series, because I have to force myself to put my Kindle away to get sleep!


No one speak to me, I’m brooding.