Home stretch

With so much waiting on our house to be done and my current mood I don’t have many good (happy) ideas to write about right now. With the (hopeful) move date fast approaching we are attempting to plan for the move. So this weekend will be back to packing… all the stuff we don’t need/haven’t used for a while will start getting boxed up yet again, to add to our already packed up belongings. I’m dreading the packing, unpacking, and actual moving.

Yes we could pay someone to pack it all up for us, but I’d never be comfortable with that. I like being organised and knowing where everything is.

So amidst all the waiting we have been looking at things we need when we get in. This weekend (in between a bit of packing) we’ll go out and see if we can window shop and see some stuff in person. Of course I have an ultimate wishlist as does Hubby (most of his are techy!).  Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been looking at and some of my dream home items…


Fridge Freezer – I want a big American style one and Hubby has decided it should be a Samsung. We’ve been looking at them all and I think we’ve decided on this one. I am kind of intrigued by the 4 door model, but I’m not sure I like the drawers.

Island/Booth – I would love love love to have something like this (without the sink in the island), but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing it anytime soon. I’d totally settle for this island though. Or maybe a smaller version?

Coffee/Tea Station and Cocktail Bar – I have big plans for our free standing cabinet, I’m going to refinish it and take the doors off and it’s becoming the caffeine and alcohol hub. For serious!


Sofa – Hubby seems to want a leather one this time. I don’t really blame him, fabric gets dirty so quickly! (I must clean our existing ones when we move.) I quite like this one, even though we don’t need a sofa bed… we’ll see!

Chair – I want a nice comfy chair to go next to my books for a little reading nook. I’m in LOVE with this chair from made.com.

Of course we’ll need a new TV stand for all the consoles etc (not for the actual TV mind) and some massive shelving/bookcases for the inset wall next to my nook!


Bed – We need a new bed since we’ll have more bedrooms. I can’t decide between this one, this stunning one, or the possibility of getting a Premier Inn bed. Those things are damn comfy (and tall)!

Wardrobe – We didn’t go for a built in wardrobe in the master bedroom. Good thing too, because I’d have hated where they wanted to put it. So we’ll have a bespoke one done at some point… lots of ideas floating around but until we’re in and I get a feel for how much space is left to work with I’m just not sure what will happen.

Not to mention night stands and mirrors…


Chair – So one of the wheels on my desk chair has broken off. Fun times. I need a new one. I’m not really fussy… oh hello! Nah, I don’t think I’d spend that much on a chair really… would I?

Desk – Definitely not a priority, but one day I will have a new desk.


Our garden will need a bit of a makeover (okay total makeover). But eventually there will be garden furniture and BBQs (maybe a fire pit?!) and a shed and all sorts back there to play with.

Techy Stuff

We want to do a lot of cool techy bits, like Sonos, smart film on the windows (when it’s available), and hubby is working on a ‘smart home’ system for us to control appliances and stuff. Woo!

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, I have a board with all our options there. Flooring, tiles, kitchen, bathrooms… I can’t wait to see it all together rather than the pieces I’ve pinned.

We’ve had to push and push for any information and we met with the head office manager in charge of our site today. We got to go inside our house today! I took loads of photos, but all will be revealed later. Everything is on track and hopefully we’ll be getting in soon…