The Day in Pictures

I’m thankful that I have some pretty amazing bosses and I have the flexibility to not only work 10-6 instead of 9-5 but that since the house move and my commute being tripled, I’m able to work from home one day a week. Usually I’m home on Tuesdays, unless I need to be home another day or in the office on a Tuesday for a meeting or something important.

It gives me a bit of flexibility in my home life. I get a lot done around the house when I don’t have to commute for 2 hours. It also allows me to book appointments on the day I’m home so I’m not taking time out of a longer work day.

Today I’ve gotten loads of work done even though sometimes it seems you get more work added to your list then ticked off but it has still been productive. I’ve also managed to get some other bits done, like a load of washing during water breaks and a quick project I’ve been thinking about for ages – a blogging board so I know what posts are coming up and what I want to write about.

I also had an appointment today to get some tattoos! I was expecting them to hurt more than they did so decided to throw some bits in the slow cooker for chilli tonight so I wouldn’t have to cook later.

The first chilli of the season!

It smells amazing and I’ll make some cornbread to go with it when Hubby is on the way home.

Just before writing this it got very dark… there were some very ominous looking clouds heading this way!



They just opened up and it’s been pissing it down! Perfect chilli weather if you ask me. 🙂

Here’s my blog board. I’ve got the next 3 weeks of posts sorted. The last week that’s blank? I’ll be over in the States, so might not be posting then! (I’m so excited!)

Upcoming topics!
Upcoming topics!

And now… the highlight of my day! My 2 new tattoos that join my original one!

My red semicolon in memory of Karla & Kat
you gotta swim tattoo
Anklet Tattoo

I got the idea for the semicolon from Project Semicolon and it’s in memory of Karla & Kat. It’s also a reminder of my own struggles with suicidal thoughts and support for everyone else struggling with depression, suicide, and/or self harm. We are not alone.

The ocean waves… Have I mentioned I love the ocean? 😉 I have wanted an ocean related tattoo since I first wanted a tattoo a very, very long time ago. I kept changing what I wanted and so never got it. I decided on the waves a few years ago, but still kept changing where and exactly what I wanted. Originally it was going to be on my foot. I added the ‘swim’ to it because that’s something I have wanted for a while too, and hey, they go together! It’s taken from Jack’s Mannequinn’s song Swim which has been something that has helped me on numerous occasions and holds a very special place in my heart. I even have a line from it inscribed on my iPod shuffle. The whole tattoo, alongside proudly stating my love of all things beach and ocean related, is a reminder that I have survived this far and no matter how bad things get I just gotta swim through it to brighter days.

Official music video for Swim (from here).

Live version of Swim from February 2015 in Islington.