Recovery is boring! Randomest post ever.

I have so many things I could do but my concentration is at an all time low so I don’t want to do anything. I have books, telly (when Netflix can bother to work!), and have even tried playing some games this week. I can handle things for about 30 minutes max then I’m ready to move on.

The weather is horrible too and it’s supposed to get worse later so I’m not going out for walks, which is fine, resting is good. My legs and knees ache (not from doing too much, just a lovely side effect of the surgery) so I’m not up for much walking right now anyway, but it also means I’m not up for going up and down our millions of stairs either! I’ll try some yoga today to give my legs a bit of a stretch. The good(ish) news is my resting heart rate has started coming down slightly. I think the hormones I was on for the cancer have finally left my system!

I did do some work yesterday! I actually used my work laptop instead of just my phone and went through some emails, looked at some stuff for a project, and called in to a meeting so I could hear what everyone’s up to! It was a good day, then I had a 2 hour nap!!

Hubby is off working Thursday-Saturday (best case) this week for Black Friday, so I have reinforcements coming round to keep me company Friday, the day shift and the night shift! Looking forward to seeing people and having some laughs. I’m in that weird head space between wanting to hide under the duvet indefinitely and wallowing or being distracted so I push past it and I think seeing other people will help and will definitely cheer me up a bit! As introverted as I may be, even I know when I’ve been alone too much and need people around me.

I sound like I’m complaining, I am a bit I guess? I am just getting cagey and want to be “normal” again! I know it will happen but the sooner the better please. 🙂