Whilst I no longer do the whole turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving, much to Hubby’s displeasure, I do still give thanks for what I have and this year is no exception.

I am thankful for a whole lot this year:

  • Hubby – I’m always thankful for him but this year even more. We have been through a hell of a lot this year together and I couldn’t have gone through it as well as I did without him by my side through it all. He is my superhero.
  • Hubby’s work – He was able to add me to his private medical insurance at the end of last year before all the cancer stuff and I wouldn’t have gotten diagnosed or treated as quickly as I did without that. Also the support his boss and colleagues have given him so that he can be here for me when I need him has been amazing.
  • My boss – She is the best and gave me an amazing opportunity to grow at the start of this year, and then gave me all of the support and kindness in the world to be able to still grow into my new role and deal with the cancer.
  • My team – I inherited two of the most bad ass ladies I know and we found a lady who is super special and fits in with us perfectly. I am thankful for them all every day, especially now when I’m not there to support them but they continue to support me however they can. I love them so much!
  • Cancer – I’m not thankful I had cancer… but I am thankful it was caught as early as it could have been and I had time to try to treat it to save my fertility. Having that time meant I could process the much harder decision I ended up having to make and honestly? It does give you a perspective you didn’t have before. I am thankful for the reminder that the little things I tend to worry about are not important in the big picture.
  • Family & Friends – Some people can take for granted that their family is always there to help, I’m thankful to have inherited a lovely and supportive family from Hubby to help us when we need it, and to be able to help them when they need it, because my family are all in the US or halfway across the world so not easily relied on for little bits of help. Our friends that have turned into family as well, I am so thankful to be a part of their lives and have them in ours and get to watch their children grow up, especially since we won’t have our own.
  • My life in general – I’m so thankful every day for the life I get to have. We want for nothing that we truly need and have more than most people. I feel truly blessed every time I think about it.

I still need to work through my grief about not having children. We get to decide how we fill the hole that has left for us, but I know we will always have love, laughter, happiness, and family at the heart of everything we do. And that’s everything to be thankful for!

Tiny recovery update – I’m thankful there have been no complications or pain so far (3 and a half weeks post op now) and I have my follow up appointment next Thursday. I’ll find out what the histology says and the feedback from the cancer boards and if I need any further treatment (I’m crossing everything that I don’t and I’m not expecting to but then I wasn’t exactly expecting to be recovering from a hysterectomy either so nothing is certain yet).

Happy Thanksgiving!