4 weeks post op already!

My lack of activity over the last month made it seem like it has dragged on but in reality I’m already two thirds of the way through my 6 weeks of recovery! My follow up appointment is this week so I’m hoping for good news on the cancer front and also good news on when I can start properly exercising again.

The effects of the hormones are now mostly gone and I’m feeling so much better, more myself!, than I have since I can’t remember when that I just want to get on with… everything! But I only get one chance to recover from this surgery and I fully intend to do it right but my goodness, actually wanting and having the energy to work out? I’m really hoping I can start doing something other than just walking soon!

I’m doing a little bit more work this week and waiting for the hordes of packages from Amazon to arrive from all the buying over Black Friday weekend. (One of the perks of not getting to have kids – I can spend my money on what I want!) I also had my first drive last night, only a mile to the shop but I did okay!

I know I’m not out of the woods by a long shot, but as I kept saying earlier in recovery, I’m just going to enjoy it and hope for the best! There was no feeling worse in the third week, but I did rest a lot to balance out the days out I had at the start and end of that week. Some people don’t get any issues until later so I’m just checking in with my body constantly to make sure I’m okay. How’s that for mindfulness and being in the present?!

But for today? It is lovely and sunny so I’ll be off out for a walk soon and then a bit of (very slow and steady) yoga and copy writing for work.