Who knew I could ever be so tired?

It’s no secret I like my sleep. Ever since I was younger I’ve been quite happy to sleep the day away, even on Christmas! One year my best friend had to wake me up at noon on Christmas because I was still in bed! 🙂

As a girl who’s bestie literally is her bed quite a lot of the time I’m amazing I can feel so tired. I thought I was exhausted when I was battling iron deficiency two years ago. I don’t recall ever sleeping for over 20 hours in 2 days during that period, though.

I’m learning I can’t do everything I normally would be able to do. It’s still a learning curve and I imagine it won’t stop being one even after I’m through the other side of all the hormones and whatever will happen next.

In the meantime I’ll battle the exhaustion if it means I’m still enjoying life! I just need to make sure I schedule in down time to rest properly! The last few days have been very busy; sometimes frustrating, mostly enjoyable and thoroughly lively. And not worrying about my fertility for the moment means I can drink ALL THE COFFEE, but I still only have one or two caffeinated drinks a day otherwise I’m insufferable! So it’s not all bad 🙂

Next week I have my next biopsy, I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since I doubled my doses already. It goes quickly when the intervals are so short! I should know the results around the end of August and then I’ll know more about what I’m doing next. Until then it’s just a lot of sitting, waiting, wishing… and thinking!