Mindful Progression

The past couple of weeks have gone quick haven’t they? It’s nearly November?! Sheesh.

At the start of this month right after returning from holiday I got a nasty stomach bug. I haven’t had one for years. It’s pretty scary sometimes when you just can’t stop being sick, but thankfully it didn’t last longer than 24 hours and ever since I’ve somewhat unintentionally made massive changes to my diet that seem to have made a huge impact.

Firstly, I decided to participate in Go Sober for October, so I haven’t had a drop of alcohol all month. I don’t miss it, and it’s been an easy thing to cut out but I never did drink a lot with the exception of nights out, which are usually few and far between.

Since having the bug, I have also managed to cut out cakes and most sweets. I’ve had the odd few on occasion but nothing close to the levels I was consuming. It’s the same with gluten. Actively cutting out those foods has helped me feel better and my digestion!

I’ve cut way back on soda. I’ve had a couple of glasses of coke or lemonade, but overall I’m drinking coffee (not more than 1 or 2 a day), lemon tea (with manuka honey so I don’t come down with some illness as the weather turns colder), and water (either with squash or without, but lots of water going on).

The other notable change I’ve made to my eating habits? Smaller meals. Lunch now consists of Heinz cup of soups (seriously, they are AMAZING) and maybe a GF bagel on the side. I do have a snack or two during the day, but trying to keep the portion sizes down is easier.

I find I’m eating less for dinner mostly, too. It’s possible this is due to eating later. Most nights if Hubby is working in the office he’s not home until after 8pm, so we don’t eat until nearly 9pm. Who wants to have a big meal at that time of night?

All of this has resulted in actual weight loss. It had been so long since I saw any real results from any changes I made that I had nearly forgotten how good it feels to see any results!

I kept 2lbs off after my stomach bug adventures and have lost a further 3lbs in the 2 weeks since then. Since we moved house in June I’ve lost 8lbs (and most of that this month!).

Sufficed to say I’m feeling very motivated and confident in my body. Now if I could just get that feeling to impact other areas of my life… but that is a post for another time!