Back to reality (AKA I don’t wanna)

After arriving home yesterday afternoon I’ve been in a bit of denial at my holiday being over. I had a nap, being awake since 5am (4am UK time) doesn’t do me any good, and the one thing we managed to accomplish is buying food.

After a proper night’s sleep (finally!) we wandered out for our last “holiday” meal and treated ourselves to breakfast at Dean’s Diner. (Seriously, I love this place.)

That was the last bit of holiday bliss. The rest of today has been spent cleaning the house top to bottom and cooking food in preparation for the week. In an effort to make things as easy as possible this week I’ve pre-made turkey mince w/ taco seasoning, salads in a jar, granola for yogurt and fruit parfaits, oats w/ almond milk and fruit, and cut up fresh pineapple for smoothies. Oh, and I have a stew in the slow cooker. I was going to do pork meatballs too, but forgot to leave the meat out so need to let it thaw and I’ll prep those tomorrow night!

So it’s pretty much back into the full swing of things. If I learned anything over the last week away it’s that I definitely need to try to steer clear of gluten if I can, so that’s my main dietary focus for the time being. After daily walks down the beach and back and up and down 4 flights of stairs, I’m most certainly keeping up with exercise now too and am going to try P90x3 which should take me to the end of the year!