Please hold, your life will be with you shortly.

That’s how I feel at the moment. Everything is kind of put on hold until we get into our new house. There’s all this stuff I want to do when we get in, but I can’t do it until then.

Most of it is fun stuff – decorating, picking out furniture, designing wardrobes, some DIY projects. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest finding amazing ideas (Bedrooms, Kitchens, Shelving & StorageGeneral Decor… I might be obsessed.)

Other stuff, bigger life stuff will happen too, once we’re in our new home.

Which means for now I just feel… on hold. Like someone pressed pause and I’m stuck in a loop. No change, no real direction or moving forward. Just waiting. Bored. Even the holidays this year will be a very quiet affair.

That’s not the best way to feel when you’re prone to depression. Or impatience. It is useful, though, in giving me time to think about what I really want and how to achieve those goals.

There’s still about 2.5 months before the house is supposed to be ready. We don’t have a date yet, just “January”. But the roof is going on the first couple of houses, so soon we’ll be able to have a look at the layout properly, which is exciting. It’s one of the biggest unknowns at the moment, what it will actually be like inside.