The past few months have been challenging for me in a way that I’m not used to. I think my husband put it best when he commented that I’ve worked really hard over the years to become the person I am now and he hated to see me affected by one person’s comment in such a way that I feel so negatively about myself and start doubting everything I am and do. So I’ve been struggling a lot and stressing out over things that I haven’t felt or thought about myself for a very, very long time.

Right now, I feel better about myself than I have since I completely Insanity in Feb, and funnily enough, it’s thanks to spending the past 3 days at a convention with some of the coolest guests I’ve ever met. (And of course thanks to my husband being amazing, but that is always a given!)

I’ll have a full round up post on the weekend later, when I can sort my thoughts out about it all, but it was fun and I got to meet incredible people. 🙂