The year of awesomeness (or – Hey, I met FELICIA DAY!!!)

This year is feeling like the year of events for me. I feel like things just haven’t stopped all year and it’s been amazing, but I get a bit tired being so busy and going away for these incredible things! But hey, it’s soooooooooo worth it when you get to meet amazing people like Amanda Tapping and Felicia Day. I mean seriously, I feel really lucky!

So this past weekend was Starfury’s Inva2ion with Eliza Dushku, Felicia Day, Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen, Alessandra Torresani, Aaron Douglas, Dichen Lachman, Alaina Huffman and Elyse Levesque

Oh my!

Felicia Day
So cute 🙂

The WHOLE reason I was pushing to go to this one was Felicia Day who I think is incredible beyond measure and I have a truly huge amount of respect for. Amy & Robin were also special for me, because I love The Guild so much! 🙂

But everyone made the weekend pretty epic.

For full details & photos click the link!

We had gold tickets which meant we got to do the meet & greet on Friday night. The first guest we got was Alessandra and the FIRST thing she said as she sat down was to me about my glasses. She loved them!! And the blue hair extensions I had in. Little did I know they would become a topic of conversation with nearly every. single. guest!! At least I was memorable throughout the weekend!! 🙂

Alessandra and Aaron
Alessandra & Aaron's talk was hilarious

Saturday was fun. Aaron is probably one of the most interesting, down to earth, crazy (in a good way) and hilarious people ever.

Alaina & Elyse were soo funny together, too.

Alaina and Elyse
Alaina & Elyse

Watching The Guild ladies and Alaina & Elyse dance at the disco was a treat!

The Guild Ladies
Robin, Felicia & Amy

Robin Thorsen was my overall favourite guest, though. Sooo nice and I think every time she saw me she would exclaim about how cute whatever I was wearing was or my glasses or my hair! A lot of “you’re too much!” going around, but I loved her. She was amazing. <3 And I was the most comfortable around her, so would chat to her. It was the same with Amy. 🙂

Robin and Amy
Robin & Amy!

Sunday was … special. It was our first encounter with Jonathan Woodward and the ‘Communion’ of whiskey and Pringles. And I loved it. 🙂 Something about having Alessandra pour whiskey into your mouth… and exclaiming ‘Oh it’s this bitch!’ when it was my turn! Apparently she made a comment about my glasses again as she was pouring the whiskey down my throat, but I didn’t hear it!! 🙂

Alaina and Elyse
Alaina & Elyse
Dichen Lachman
Dichen Lachman
Dichen and Eliza
Dichen & Eliza
Felicia and Eliza
Felicia & Eliza

So yeah, pretty cool weekend.