A Busy, Busy Bee

This year is certainly shaping up to be a pretty hectic one! It feels like the first half of the year has been one event after the other with little rest in between and I’m certainly suffering for it. The start of the year was off to a blinding start with Insanity in the mix and I’m only just now getting back into exercising regularly and eating good foods again.

We have been traveling a LOT recently, seemed every weekend there was something or other going on. It makes life fun and interesting for sure, but I felt burnt out and unhappy in my day to day stuff. I would much rather be spending my time with friends, family and seeing interesting things than stuck behind a desk in a dungeon of an office.

Great advice

One thing I have been doing more of this year is appreciating and living in the moment. I’m trying to pay attention to where I am and actually experience what I’m doing rather than being too busy updating various statuses on social networks or taking photos to enjoy what I’m doing. It’s working for me and while I still take photos and update sometimes, I’m having a lot of fun actually experiencing where I am and who I’m with which is important to me.

I fell in love with this little guy!

Last weekend was the first weekend in ages we were home and had no plans at all. I had all these grand ideas in my head of doing this or that, but really I just slept a lot and watched a LOT of telly. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted (and needed) to do after being away so much. We are home the next few weeks and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I went to my first ballet (The Sleeping Beauty) in Belfast!
One of the coolest exhibits at the science museum 'Listening Post'

Listening Post info can be found here!

I’m enjoying doing P90X at the moment. I think it’s a bit hit and miss sometimes, but I do like the workouts. I notice a difference after I do them, it’s just a matter of sticking with doing them which I struggle with. I think it’s because they are so long, but I’m getting used to it and making it a priority.

Truer words.

Image source.

I’ve been cooking a lot, following (mostly) the P90X menu plan.

Honey & Chilli Chicken

I have a new found love of protein shakes. They are so easy and yummy and did I mention easy? Especially in the morning when I don’t have time to cook breakfast. I can make a protein shake and drink it on my way to work!

Chocolate & Banana protein shake

I am encouraging Hubby to exercise, the motor on our treadmill burned out while he was using it about a month ago so I was all excited about trying to get him to do P90X with me. He’s not used to exercising at that intensity and has knee and back problems so we agreed it might be better for him to do something more beginner friendly. As I write this he’s downstairs doing a Jillian Michaels DVD, this is the second week he’s been doing them and I have to say I’m really proud of him! It’s on my board for this year to help get him fitter, so I’m glad he’s doing something – and him doing that motivates me to do my workouts, too. I can’t moan at him for not working out if I’m not doing mine!

There is a new road open which I now use to go to work and it has a huge new path to walk down. I’ve calculated that it’s 2 miles from our house to the end of the road, so if the weather ever decides to stop being miserable and rainy then I’m hoping for us to walk it, I might even start running it and back again. It’s a perfect distance really!

The rest of the year is shaping up to be pretty good, we aren’t as busy as we have been for the first half, but there’s still some fun things going on like LFCC, Metric, Olympic Sailing, parties, hot air balloon ride, Jason Mraz and today I got tickets to a PostSecret Live event on my birthday!

Oh and I got goodies from America that my wonderful sister sent over to me! I don’t usually miss American stuff, but Pretzel M&Ms? Someone at work brought them back from a holiday in the States and seriously? I had to have more.

American Stuffs!

I know this post has been a bit random, but that’s my life at the moment. Random! And fun.

I always find the greatest things written on bathroom doors…