The best time, evar! (Or, the weekend I met Amanda Tapping!!)

A week on from Chevron 7.8 and I still haven’t written up any kind of follow up. I’m a slacker, I know this! So here are my thoughts (and a few photos) from the epic Chevron weekend…

I get really excited about meeting sci-fi celebs, I am a total fangirl when it comes to these things and act like I’m on crack. Hubby drove us to Heathrow and I was increasingly annoying the whole way there, the close we got the more excited I was!

This is the first one of these types of events we had been to, so while I kind of knew what to expect (from lots of research beforehand), it was all new to us. Completely different to LFCC, and much better in my opinion.

The guests were Amanda Tapping (SQUEE <3!), Robin Dunne, Peter Kelamis, Garry Chalk and Tom McBeath. Amanda was the whole reason for me going, and at the start of the weekend I wasn’t very fussed about Peter, Garry or Tom – I was looking forward to meeting Robin, though! 😉

Peter, Robin, Amanda, Garry & Tom

By the end of the weekend Peter was definitely one of the best guests for me, and Garry and Tom are two of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. Garry reminded me a lot of my dad, actually! Robin Dunne has the dirtiest sense of humour known to man, just like me and I LOVE it! The talks were definitely not boring with Peter and Robin present!

Tom McBeath & Garry Chalk
Tom & Garry
peter kelamis and robin dunne
Peter & Robin
Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne
Mandy & Rob Bickerson 😉

And Amanda… what can I say? She is the most amazing, gracious and beautiful (inside and out) person. We learned a lot about her charity, Sanctuary For Kids, and nearly £9,000 was raised for the charity.

Amanda Tapping
The Amazing Amanda <3
Amanda's Smile!
That smile! Is it any wonder I love her so much?

There were also themed parties each night. We managed to make it to the Friday night party, but not the Saturday night. We were just too tired (ok, I was just too tired from fangirling all day!) so decided not to attend. But here is most of my Victorian style cosplay from the time travelling themed party on Friday…

Corset skirt
The back of my corset skirt
Front of outfit
Front of outfit – without the waistcoat
Full outfit
Full outfit with waistcoat

Forgive the last photo, all the photos taken with the camera with my waistcoat on look really strange. This one is from Hubby’s phone!

The talks over the weekend were hilarious beyond belief. Peter Kelamis has made me want to rewatch all of Stargate Universe and when I do I will probably break into fits of giggles every time Robert Carlyle speaks! Considering that I wasn’t a huge fan of Universe when it was on (I found it really boring and slow) the fact that I want to go back and watch them again says just how amazing Peter is. 🙂

All in all? I loved every second of it! I mean, hello, I met and touched and hugged Amanda fraking Tapping. All the stupid reality TV “celebrities” that kids look up these days? They got nothing on Amanda. She is an amazing role model for kids and women everywhere. <3